Day 142: Brexit Stage Left

It appears that public protests against Trump are getting to him in more ways than one.

In the wake of a strong repudiation of the Conservative Party, and a Twitter fight with the Mayor of London, Donald Trump is pulling the plug on a planned state visit to the United Kingdom. Apparently, Donald Trump doesn’t want to go to the UK if there are going to be large scale public protests against him.

That’s right. Trump refuses to conduct diplomacy because he doesn’t want to face public protests.

It wouldn’t be the first time that the First Family has been (rightfully) protested in Europe. Trump’s support of Russia, exit from the Paris Climate Accords, ambivalence about NATO and alliance with figures like Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen have made him deeply unpopular overseas.

And it’s hard to fathom why he hasn’t gotten more pushback from his own party. He has yet to formally nominate Woody Johnson, his choice for ambassador to the UK. People like John McCain have taken to traveling to places like Australia to clean up messes made by Trump¬†and have looked crazy as a result.

In terms of approval ratings, the Trump ship is sinking fast. We need to keep up the pressure on our elected officials, keep voting, keep canvassing and demand that the traitor in the White House be removed.


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