Day 140: Putrid Policy

With all of the attention turned squarely to Comey, some disturbing policy developments have emerged from the media storm in Congress.

Rumors are getting stronger that behind the scenes negotiations on an Obamacare repeal are moving quickly. One of the ideas that’s gaining traction is that cuts to Medicaid are totally fine, if they’re phased out over a longer period of time. With an operator as skilled as Mitch McConnell on the case, we have good reason to worry about the prospects of over 21 million people losing health insurance.

On the House side of things, GOP grift grew with the passage of the Financial Choice Act, which repealed Dodd-Frank regulations and erased debt limits and capital requirements meant to prevent financial firms from crashing the economy like they did in 2008. Unlike Obamacare, which is attempting to be repealed via budget reconciliation, this bill will require 60 Senate votes to advance past the debate stage, meaning it is unlikely to go anywhere soon.

There is a critical election in Georgia coming up that could stop or slow down much of this messiness. Jon Ossoff in a Democrat in a traditionally Republican district in Georgia. He is currently up 7 points in the polls against Republican nominee Karen Handel, however there are more registered Republicans in the district than Democrats. Turnout of the voting base could kill his chances at victory.

But a victory by Ossoff could be a game changer. If Republicans see that they could legitimately lose legions of seats due to their actions, they may think twice about pushing the agenda of a man that has an average approval rating below 40 percent.


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