Day 138: To Russia, With Love

There have been a few extremely important Russian stories to break in the past few days ahead of the Comey hearing tomorrow.

A story broke alluding to leaked raw intelligence that spoke about Russian attempts to hack into U.S. election systems. It’s a very disturbing case that implies that the Russians were only a hop, skip and a jump away from being able to manipulate vote totals. It’s so serious that Mark Warner, the ranking member on the Senate, wants to declassify intelligence that alludes to other Russian attacks on U.S. election infrastructure.

The Washington Post dropped a story that made a strong case for obstruction of justice. According to the Post, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats was asked if he could interfere with the Michael Flynn investigation¬†and convince the FBI to look the other way. The scope of Trump’s obstruction of justice is becoming more and more clear: he viewed his appointees and all government officials working under him as tools for his attempts to dispel the Russian investigation.

Today and tomorrow, some of the most critical hearings in the Russia investigation will occur. James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Mike Rogers and Dan Coats will all be testifying in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee regarding Russiagate. Comey will likely contradict Trump’s assertion that he told Trump three times that he wasn’t under investigation and corroborate his claims that Trump asked him to end the Flynn probe.

Whether this moves Republicans to move on articles of impeachment is unclear. What is clear is that a message needs to be sent to Russia about this situation. It’s looking less like election interference and more like modern warfare.


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