Day 137: Sorry, Not Sorry

I will write about the levee breaking and flood of Russia news tomorrow. Today, I want to say this: the Hillary Clinton non-apology tour needs to end immediately.

Over the past few months, Hillary has been increasing her public appearances and discussing the 2016 election. It’s been little more than an exercise in reputation repair, but frustratingly, it has compounded the problems of the Democratic Party.

Hillary has a lot of reasons why the 2016 election broke for Trump. She has blamed misogyny, the FBI and bad data from the DNC. She’s talked about how Obama was able to break through his own glass ceiling because of his looks. She’s rambled on at length about how the only person not to blame for her loss is her.

This is the biggest case of delusion I’ve seen in a while, because the exact opposite is true.

It was Hillary Clinton who brought herself under investigation when she chose to utilize a private server for top secret government business, something that crosses all sort of ethical lines and could have potentially crossed many legal ones as well. It was Hillary Clinton who chose to spend more time in Arizona than Wisconsin or Michigan during the campaign. It was Hillary Clinton who chose to stick a stereotypical label on a large bloc of voters, something that turned out “really well” for Mitt Romney.

It was Hillary Clinton who chose to support the War in Iraq, get cozy with Wall Street, carry out an extrajudicial drone program for the Obama administration that has killed scores of civilians, support awful free trade agreements and take money from super sketchy foreign governments.

And now she wants sympathy without responsibility all while continuing to rehash beefs past?

Please just stop and move on.


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