Day 136: Politically Incorrect And Legally Wrong

Donald Trump’s xenophobia and anti-Muslim bias¬†continues to haunt him and hurt us.

This morning the Donald had a whopper of a tweet storm that clarified a great many things. First of all, he clarified that he still supports a full Muslim ban as it was originally enacted, despite the unconstitutionality of the measure. He attacked the Mayor of London, an ally of ours and clarified that he does not want Mayor Khan to reassure the people he represents that they should be calm about the temporary increase in police presence over the next few days.

The implications of the latter are entirely clear: Trump requires panic and paranoia to enact his agenda. It won’t work any other way because it isn’t rational to ban Muslims from this country. It’s bigoted, disgusting and wrong and would only make sense if you were thinking about it from a deeply disturbed perspective.

His recalcitrance regarding the Muslim ban will likely have legal repercussions. Courts have already ruled that his statements are fair game legally¬†and will be treated as official policy statements. His contradiction of his staff’s arguments will also hurt his case as it forces them to do additional work and throws off their messaging.

It’s sad that we even have to fight this battle against such bigotry. It’s disturbing that Trump’s statements this morning were not the most disturbing statements about Muslims made by an elected official in the past 24 hours. It’s a shame that real incidents of terror that happen almost every day (and sometimes more than once a day) in America get ignored as a result.


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