Day 135: Issues Surrounding Terrorism

Another day, another tragedy involving terrorism.

Fresh off of the attacks against the Muslim girls in Portland, the horrific bombing in Kabul and the Manchester incident, an attack on London bridge left more than five people dead and many others wounded.

It is a tragedy that anyone would lose their life in an act of senseless violence. It is horrific that we continue to neglect the root causes of terrorism, both in this country and abroad.

Abroad, groups that conduct terror activities also fill a void in society. They provide funding to unemployed individuals so that they can take care of their families. They provide education where there are no schools. The provide an outlet for the anger of people fed up with our awful policy of drone strikes.

Domestically, there are many other factors to blame. For one, Trump¬†fosters an atmosphere where people feel comfortable being racist and refuses to denounce terrorism by police and white supremacists in this country. It’s sad that minorities as a group get scapegoated by the Donald, because by and large, they are not the ones carrying out the attacks against the government.

Refusal to address the prevalent access terrorists have to guns in this country, the racial animus that afflicts our nation and the facts will not help us prevent attacks. Indeed, violence and discrimination cannot solve the problem of extremist behavior.


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