Day 133: Kushner’s Compromising Cash

Jared’s problems entered a rolling boil Friday, following two reports that make his meeting with Russian banking officials in December seem far more than circumstantial.

An ABC News report details a financial focus of FBI investigators: Jared Kushner’s real estate crowned jewel had a staggering $1.3 billion dollars in loans due within the next two years and tenants were dropping like flies. For the record, that debt obligation is nearly double Jared and Ivanka’s net worth and could’ve potentially resulted in the B-word for the duo.

Immediately after his meeting with Kushner, a jet alleged to have been in use by Gorkov went straight to Japan to join Vladimir Putin on a tour of the country. You can’t make this stuff up: immediately after a Russian banker meets with Kushner, he goes to talk to Putin. As you can see from the picture in this post, which was taken in August 2016, they are not merely casual acquaintances: Gorkov is FSB.

And the American government under Trump is bending to the will of the Russians. Seized diplomatic properties due to 2016 election interference were returned this week and reports have emerged that Trump wanted to lift Russian sanctions immediately after entering office.

The investigation has expanded to include Flynn’s Turkey lobbying activities under the guise of Robert Mueller and the resistance will swell its ranks tomorrow as well. The March for Truth will be happening all over the country and indeed the world. You can click the last link posted in this blog to find your local march.

Please, if you can tomorrow, get out and stretch your legs and vocal chords for democracy. It is on us to remove Trump from the White House.


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