Day 128: Au Revoir, Paris

We’re in a critical time for the future of the planet and Donald Trump could take a critical action to prevent us from properly addressing climate change.

Multiple outlets are reporting that Trump is leaning toward exiting the Paris Climate Accords, though officially we’ve been told to tune in to this awful reality show next week for the answer. It would be consistent with Trump’s position on climate change and his feelings about the fossil fuels that cause it.

Like the Russia scandal, moving the White House’s position on climate change (and moving the climate itself) is only going to happen if we advocate for it.

With that said, I’m going to repurpose this list that I made from Day 99 of this blog. It contains some suggestions for what you can do individually and collectively to lower your carbon footprint:

The urgency of action won’t go away any time soon. We have a real opportunity not just to cool a warming planet, but also to shift industries away from dirty, destructive practices and states to ones where the potential for a bright future shines.


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