Day 125: He Went To Jared

The long eye of the FBI has turned from Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort to someone much closer to Trump: Jared Kushner.

The probe is now rapidly shifting toward meetings Kushner had with Russian officials during the Trump team transition period. These meetings were not disclosed on Kushner’s security clearance and took place with Russian diplomatic and banking officials.

The more and more I think about it, the more and more the focus on Kushner makes sense. Allow me to speculate: Flynn might have mapped military tactics for the rollout of an aggressive propaganda campaign and Manafort might have provided the political connections to top ranking Russian officials to get their buy in. But Trump was ultimately the one driving the whole clown car and the only people he would trust to have his financial best interests at heart were his family.

Enter Jared. He and Ivanka could be trusted to handle any type of money or communications that needed to be executed for this all important project. It would get them out of debt with the Russians once and for all and make them richer than they would have ever been. He helped coordinate operations from the Trump down and someone (likely Flynn) knew about it.

The investigation turned so quickly because Flynn or Manafort cut a deal with the feds and gave them what they were missing before: a roadmap to Trump. They knew that collusion was specifically discussed at the December meetings at Trump Tower between Russian officials and Jared. Flynn in particular might have been present at one of these meetings and, seeing as he could be facing significant amounts of jail time, he would thus have an incentive to turn state against Trump.

Again, everything below the first paragraph is a theory. We’ll see if it turns into a fact.


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