Day 124: Rewriting Expectations

There’s so much that went wrong for Republicans today that it could easily be the topic of three separate posts, but since these stories are time sensitive, they’ll be put together in one.

A huge Trump-Russia bomb dropped tonight in the New York Times that senior Russian intelligence officials were discussing how to use Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort to influence Trump. This demonstrates that the flow of money into the pockets of Trump advisors was not just a generous gesture, it was directly to buy influence over a then-presidential candidate.

Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate for the House of Representatives in Montana’s special election allegedly body slammed a reporter from the Guardian, Ben Jacobs, today during a private interview about the American Health Care Act. Jacobs was transported by ambulance to the hospital and police are investigating the incident. It’s absolutely incredible that anybody would do that, much less someone running for public office.

Donald Trump praised emerging Filipino dictator Rodrigo Duterte’s War on Drugs, which functions exactly as it is described: a War on Drugs. Thousands of people have been slaughtered without trialĀ and Duterte himself has admitted that he is not above throwing the occasional “criminal” out of a airborne helicopter. More alarmingly, Trump let slip that we’ve got two nuclear submarines in the Korean Peninsula. He seems to have an issue keeping his mouth closed about state secrets.

His “signature” policy push went flying off of the rails today as well following yet another devastating CBO score of the American Health Care Act. 23 million people would lose insurance over the next decade if the bill were to become law. Premiums would sky rocket and the insurance markets, which the Affordable Care Act helped stabilize, would be thrown into turmoil.

Statistics are showing that Trump could be in more political trouble than we think. But what do I know…all of this could be fake news from the liberal media. Even falsehoods aren’t safe from the wrath of the dollar when push comes to shove and conspiracy theories about the murder of a DNC staffer are going around.


2 thoughts on “Day 124: Rewriting Expectations

  1. Perhaps President Trump’s enthusiasm for the methods of The Philippine’s President means that he wants to shoot all US politicians or their family members who have taken drugs? Draining the swamp?


    • Although I personally think he views drug users with contempt, I doubt he wants to go that far. Jeff Sessions seems far more committed to reviving the War on Drugs than Trump does. How that will play out politically remains to be seen. More and more states have legalized marijuana and the administration doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to raid dispensaries. Thanks for reading!


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