Day 122: Don’t Negate The States

With all eyes on Trump, state legislatures, where many a crazy bill has originated in recent years, have attempted to turn the discrimination speakers up to 11.

In Texas, a string of amendments to bills would legalize many forms of discrimination against people within the LGBT community. One of these bills allows adoption agencies “religious choice” in selecting parents, allowing them to turn away LGBT parents, Jews, atheists and people of color. Another allows pharmacies to bypass non-discrimination regulations and a third would allow attorney’s to cite religious beliefs when selecting clients to represent.

In Mississippi, a Republican state representative wrote that anyone who takes down or supports taking down a Confederate monument should be lynched. This comment was liked by two of his fellow representatives and demonstrates just how comfortable people feel airing their racism in the era of Trump.

In Alabama, racial gerrymandering was swept under the table by the Republican legislature as they attempted to make minimal changes to their districts following a court order to do so. This is the same state that passed a strict voter ID law and then closed a bunch of DMV offices in majority-black counties.

Don’t let Trump suck all of the air out of the room. No matter where you live, local activism and attention to the issues is essential to combatting regressive policies and pushing progressive ones.


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