Day 120: Arms Case

Following one of the worst weeks of his regime, Donald Trump left the country for an international trip.

First stop on this swing is Saudi Arabia, where Trump will be treated to another concert by one of his inauguration performers Toby Keith. While it remains to be determined if the singer of “Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue” will be performing in front of Trump again, Toby Keith will be performing in front of many other men and….yeah, only men are allowed to attend this concert.

Trump has already received the highest honor for a civilian in Saudi Arabia and has used the occasion to announce a massive $110 billion dollar arms deal with the Kingdom, served up on a silver platter by Jared Kushner, one of the few Jews that the country will allow to work with them.

Like many situations involving the Trump syndicate, the levels of irony in this situation are intense.

Trump himself received this civilian honor after correctly naming Saudi Arabia as an actor in 9/11 and demanding that the country give the United States free oil. Joining him will be Toby Keith, who framed a career around songs about patriotism.

And the man in charge of “peace” in the region, Kushner, not only completed an arms deal, but also enabled a gross human rights violator to continue to wage a nasty bombing campaign in Yemen. It is unknown at this point if cluster munitions are included in this weapons package, but if so, they could leave a legacy of death in Yemen for decades to come.

Money makes strange bedfellows. With oil and weapons mixed together, there’s plenty to go around for all of the dirty hands at the table.


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