Day 119: The Smoking Gun For The Active Spy

I had gotten halfway through a fairly generic post (on graduations of all topics) before a trifecta of truth bombs dropped this afternoon regarding…well, yeah, that Russia thing.

The New York Times ran a story this afternoon that the White House later confirmed in which Donald Trump confided to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador that he faced great pressure from the FBI investigation, he fired “that nut job” James Comey and that the investigation with Russia was no longer an issue.

Not to be outdone, the Washington Post followed it up with another groundbreaking and potentially more significant story: an active White House staff member close the to President is a significant person of interest in the FBI investigation into the Trump campaign’s potential collusion with Russia. Think about that for a second: potentially, an active spy is working at the highest levels of government.

And this, from Politico, which was swept underneath the twin tidal waves in the preceding paragraphs. Trump quietly met with his legal team after a special prosecutor was appointed, including external counsel and lawyers from the Trump Organization.

This is it. The smoking gun. The missing 18 minutes. Nothing could be more clear cut, save perhaps a video of Trump saying “Yes, I did it. I did it all. I hate America. I love Russia. It’s all true.”

But here’s the trick: the FBI won’t be enough to save us from the tyrant in the White House. We need to protest, vote and organize until every single politician who doesn’t support an independent investigation and a clean up of our electoral system is voted out.

The dirty little secret of our country is that many people of color still live in an apartheid state due to the active effects of racism and many poor people are wage slaves to large corporations. Freedom is going to take a whole systemic rehab of our government and we can start by kicking the traitors who support this racism and caste system out.


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