Day 117: Trumpstruction Of Justice

I wrote yesterday about the Washington Post dropping the story of the year. That title didn’t even last twenty-four hours.

Not to be outdone by its competitor down south, the New York Times dropped another bombshell yesterday detailing a memo that Comey wrote following an uncomfortable conversation he had with Donald Trump. In the memo, he spelled out that Trump explicitly asked him to end an FBI criminal inquiry into Michael Flynn and that he asked Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions to leave the room before he began his discussion with Comey, perhaps to limit the number of witnesses.

If this is true, it’s obstruction of justice. This charge is what brought down Nixon. It’s far easier to prove than conspiracy to collude with a foreign power to win an election (not that the aforementioned didn’t occur, an investigation is still ongoing). It makes me wonder what Flynn has done that might be tied to Trump in a criminal sense regarding the Russia probe.

Although it is difficult to move partisans, Congress is starting to shift. Paul Ryan today changed his tone given the recent series of events and fewer Republicans are speaking out in support of the Donald.

But that’s not enough to get the truth. The public pressure must continue and just over two weeks from now there is a nationwide march demanding an independent investigation into Trump and the truth about his ties to Russia. You can find your local march or organize one here.

We can stop Trump only if we continue to speak up against him. Call your representatives today.


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