Day 116: A Traitor In Plain Sight

The scope of Trump’s alliances was laid out in plain sight yesterday after the Washington Post dropped the story of the year.

They reported that Trump had spontaneously revealed and declassified information from a flipped source at the highest levels of ISIS about a specific plot surrounding laptops on airplanes. The information was so sensitive that neither the Post, nor any subsequent news organization reported the city where the intelligence was gathered or the nation that shared the intelligence with us for fear that it would compromise the integrity of the source and jeopardize their safety.

This intelligence information could be a boon to the Russians who are on the opposite side of us in the fight inside Syria. It could have incredibly damaging effects on intelligence sharing agreements with our allies, who are already wavering on such agreements less than 24 hours after the story broke.

I don’t know how much more plainly this could be laid out. In the past week, Trump has admitted he has taken tens of millions of dollars from Russian billionaires, fired the FBI Director because he was under criminal investigation for colluding with Russia to engineer election results in his favor, held a meeting with an individual suspected of recruiting Russian spies at the request of Vladimir Putin that was only accessible to Russian media and revealed top secret information to Russian officials.

Trump is a traitor to this country and our values. The events of recent days have pushed this fact beyond the point of denial.


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