Day 112: Return Of The Returns

I can only imagine what has been going through Trump’s head the past few days as the Russia story has gone from a simmer to a rolling boil. Let me take a wild guess:

“Maybe if I call the Russia story fake news, the media will believe me.”

That didn’t work.

“Maybe if I just say that I fired the FBI Director because the Russia story was fake, everything will go away.”

That didn’t work either.

“I know, I got it, maybe if I put out a letter from my lawyers saying that I didn’t make much income from Russia, that will put everything back in its place.”

Well, that letter arrived today. And it didn’t help Trump’s situation at all.

It started off by contradicting his story that he has “no business deals, no money, nothing to do” with Russia that he had been pushing (or not) for a while. And it went on to highlight the fact that he made money in Russia, a lot of it.

His 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow put over $12 million in income into his revenue stream. A suspicious sale of a property in Florida to a Russian billionaire was closed for $95 million dollars.

And are the tax returns included in this letter? Are the schedules which show sources of income revealed to the public? Of course not. Big shocker.

This is significant in another way: it’s a sign that the pressure of this story is getting to Trump. He’s been ranting and raving about it on Twitter for days. He’s already pissed off a key player in this story: rank-and-file FBI agents, a group of extremely conservative people who are so pissed at him that they turned down a photo opportunity. Now that he’s threatened their former popular director on Twitter, who knows the ways in which that anger will grow?

Keep up the pressure. Keep protesting, voting, calling, showing up to town halls, Facebooking, emailing, tweeting, putting pressure on lawmakers about this issue however you can do so. It’s beginning to work. Even his staunchest, most craven group of supporters are wavering on him recently. Let’s drive them away for good.


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