Day 111: Keep Up The Pressure

Reality has never felt so strange. Art has a world’s worth of imitation inspiration from life over the past few days.

Yesterday, after firing the man leading the investigation into potential criminal activities by the administration and the Russian government, Trump hosted the Russian foreign minister in the Oval Office and allowed a potential security breach to occur. Russian state TV was allowed to cover the meeting, while American media was held out and the only reason the meeting took place was because Putin asked for it.

Today, with acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe blowing up Trump’s ridiculous excuse for a cover story on why Comey was fired. Then Trump blew up his own ridiculous excuse for a cover story on why Comey was fired. Then Trump tweeted this…which I can’t even find the words to describe.

All of this covered a huge bombshell of a story that an FBI search warrant was executed in Annapolis, Maryland today at the offices of Strategic Campaign Group relating to a national investigation. Whether it was tied to the Trump investigation or not remains to be seen, however the FBI did confirm it was related to a national investigation. There is more than a circumstantial relationship between the firms actors and Trump operatives.

We still cannot rely on the FBI to save us or for Republicans to do the right thing on their own without external pressure. Trump created a real commission to investigate a fake claim he made that could result in disenfranchised voters based on the past resume of individuals who have agreed to serve on this commission.

Keep calling, keep marching, keep voting. Remember how you feel about this country. And don’t ever forget about how Trump feels about America.


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