Day 109: Who Has Comey By The Collar?

Some disturbing news came to light this morning regarding FBI Director James Comey’s recent statements about the facts of the investigation into Clinton emails that wound up on Anthony Weiner’s computer.

ProPublica reports that Comey inaccurately stated that Human Abedin regularly forwarded emails from Hillary Clinton to Anthony Weiner’s computer and that¬†thousands of emails were forwarded in total. The reality is completely different. Only a handful of emails were forwarded and it was not a regular practice.

It puts a few more question marks above the New York office of the FBI, which may or may not be in the middle of an internal probe surrounding illegal leaks to Rudy Giuliani about the aforementioned Abedin affair. It also raises a red flag due to the content which was covered: another unusual situation regarding the same investigation by the same office runs into an uncharacteristic misrepresentation.

Please don’t take this in any way as me defending Hillary Clinton’s behavior regarding the whole email situation, or that of her aides for that matter. This whole fiasco could have been avoided had she followed basic security protocols and kept her emails on a secure server and not mixed personal business with her professional life. She bears that responsibility.

But I do question the amplification of the investigation surrounding this office. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I am very concerned that someone has something on Comey that is impeding his ability to carryout a thorough investigation into the election interference of 2016. That’s twice that there have been issues with the New York FBI office and considering the record has yet to be corrected, this issue isn’t going away.

Democracy could be dealt a very real blow should this investigation not get to the bottom of the truth of the matter. Please call your representatives today and demand an independent and transparent Congressional investigation into the 2016 election interference by a foreign power.


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