Day 108: Yates Claps Back

Sally Yates and James Clapper took the stand in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee today to give some answers about the investigation into the Trump campaign’s potential coordination with Russian intelligence services.

Probably the biggest story to come out of the hearing today was that Yates went on the record under oath to tell the committee that she had explicitly warned the Trump administration about Michael Flynn’s potential to be compromised by the Russians and inform the White House that she knew that Flynn had lied to Pence about the nature of his conversations with foreign powers.

Also confirmed was that this warning occurred at a date well before Flynn left the White House, leaving a large window in which a foreign operative could have had access to the highest levels of national intelligence. Who knows what might have been slipped? We can only speculate.

That piss-poor excuse that Trump touted that Obama was responsible for the background check of Flynn and thus bears responsibility for Trump’s selection of Flynn to join him on the campaign trail and as his National Security Advisor? Well, that met its end today as well, after the White House acknowledged that a report from NBC News outlining that Obama’s specific personal warning to Trump himself about Flynn went ignored.

But, it might not be a matter of treason, just a matter of style. Trump might prefer someone who flies off the handle and spreads fake news to a career professional who is well respected.

After all, he does know more than the generals.


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