Day 107: Merci Macron

The French presidential election is over and Emmanual Macron will be the next President of France.

The centrist scored a decisive victory over Marine Le Pen, winning over 65 percent of all votes cast. Polls showed Macron consistently ahead of Le Pen by a large margin and her own father pulled his endorsement at the last minute, potentially cratering her support within the National Front.

Not even (relatively) low-turnout¬†could stop Macron, as most of the other contenders immediately endorsed him and rejected Le Pen’s extreme view of governance. France has led the way in an important political fight to reject radical right-wing politics and politicians.

But that’s not what I’m most impressed with today.

While I don’t agree with the moratorium on political news by the French media prior to the election period, I admire the fact that the country successfully used democracy to fend off yet another attempt by the Russian government to sabotage an election. It seems as though the Russian government is stepping up its measures to undermine democracies that are preventing the acquisition of wealth by its oligarchs.

We can combat them by urging more boycotts and divestments of Russian businesses belonging to sanctioned individuals and by increasing renewable energy in countries where Russia is a major exporter of oil and natural gas. Without the latter two commodities, and with excellent preventative measures to freeze assets, the bank accounts of Putin and his cronies could quickly dry up.

I’m proud of what France did tonight and I hope nations all over the world can follow suit.


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