Day 106: To Tell The Truth

In the wake of the passage of the American Health Care Act in the U.S. House of Representatives, there is some serious spin afoot.

Today, Raul Labrador submitted his name for consideration into the Idaho’s Biggest Bullshitter contest of 2017, when after voting to kick millions of people off of their health insurance in order to give rich people more money, and then partying to celebrate this demonic accomplishment, made the claim to a constituent that “nobody dies because they don’t have access to health care.”

The truth is that tens of thousands of people die due to lack of health care access and the percentage of risk of death is almost 40 percent higher for people without access to insurance. If you look outside of the United States, that rate is even higher due to lack of access to vaccinations. Although, if you ask certain individuals, polio magically disappeared on its own.

Truth can often come down to economics. People don’t want to start telling the truth, until money becomes a factor. Political change often won’t come about, until money becomes a factor. And people won’t tell the truth about themselves frequently, until money becomes a factor.

Let’s make money a factor for Trump, Putin and everyone else who seeks to take advantage of us.


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