Day 104: Tyranny For The Poor

The American Health Care Act passed the House of Representatives 217 to 213 today, reflecting a sickness that our lawmakers have codifiedĀ in the lower cameral.

The bill itself is awful: senior citizens will see massive rate hikes, Medicaid cuts nearing $1 trillion dollars, over 24 million people would lose their insurance and those who go without continuous coverage would get hit with a whopping 30 percent surcharge. Pre-existing conditions would not be covered and these “conditions” were expanded to include rape and pregnancy.

The Republicans then rounded themselves up to spike the football at the White House, while people with pre-existing conditions still received treatment, still payed far lower costs with Obamacare and were still covered.

This law affects so many different people. It’s not perfect, I would’ve preferred single-payer coverage when the law was first drafted, but it is very good policy and has helped out a staggering number of individuals. It’s impact is broad and the success stories are dramatic and powerful.

The Affordable Care Act has meant a lot to me personally. After college, I couldn’t find consistent, steady work and was underemployed and unemployed for years. Because of ACA, I was able to stay on their health insurance until I was 26 years old. By that time, I had the opportunity to secure a full time job with benefits, including health insurance.

Good health care can save lives and money that would otherwise by wasted unnecessarily. The monsters that passed the bill today did so to achieve the exact opposite effect.


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