Day 102: Trump And His Children

We all want the best for our children and Donald Trump is no exception.

The Trump children attended outstanding private schools, from a young age through college. They were given prime jobs as Executive Vice Presidents of the Trump Organization. All of his children were provided for generously, even Tiffany. And they’re reciprocating the favor by enabling his worst tendencies and enabling gross levels of corruption. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

For other children in the United States, Trump has far less sympathy. He has yet to speak a word about the horrific murder of Jordan Edwards, a 15-year old unarmed boy at the hands of a Dallas-area police officer. His support of a health care bill that would gut protections for children with pre-existing conditions is as cruel as it gets, as so eloquently shown by the humanity of late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel explaining the ordeal that his newborn son endured going through a life-saving surgery, a procedure that might mean the choice between saving a child’s life and a lifetime of debt for some families.

Trump’s has no room in his heart for DREAMers, the sons and daughters of individuals who made their way to the United States when they were extremely young. These children had little say in the matter, yet many grew up happily in the United States. After Obama-era protections expired, these children have begun to be deported under Trump. They came to this country with their families seeking a better life, only to be turned away by a man who can claim no right to this land.

Yet, he’ll pollute it, change it and try to destroy it for all of our children. We cannot let him do so.


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