Day 101: Dad, Daughter, Dominion

I try not to wax poetic about my personal life with these posts. Many share so much of their personal lives on social media, I try and pick my spots to share selectively, usually when it’s something special.

I love politics, I love policy and I’m lucky enough to be able to say that I love my daughter, who was born yesterday. I’m still in a slight state of shock, but I’m already feeling the weight of responsibility that parents feel for their children: making sure she is fed, clean and healthy is a top priority.

It’s caused me to reflect quite a bit as well and think about her needs, and the needs of other children everywhere. She needs a good education. She needs access to high-quality health care. She needs an environment that won’t make her sick, whether she’s indoors or outside.

Over 20 percent of children in the United States live in poverty. Over 40 percent of children in the United States live in homes that meet the definition of low income. Sadly, in states like Mississippi, that number is closer to 60 percent.

Globally, the problem is compounded exponentially. Accessing water, food and education can be far more perilous in many countries, though that is not to say that these problems don’t exist in the United States. Life expectancies can be cut dramatically if children don’t have access to basic health necessities. Finding a place to use the bathroom can be a very real challenge.

I would do anything to ensure my daughter doesn’t have to face any of these challenges. Most parents would. But, unfortunately, desire isn’t enough in this situation. We need time, good policy and proper funding to ensure that we give the best world we possibly can to our children. They deserve it.


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