Day 95: Flynndictment On The Way?

Michael Flynn is in a world of trouble.

Multiple outlets are reporting that the money Flynn took as a lobbyist, while supposedly working for the government of Turkey, came from a Russian individual with direct financial ties to Vladimir Putin. While this is bad enough on it’s own, the story actually gets worse for Flynn. He failed to disclose the dealings with Russia when requesting a security clearance, which is a major felony.

Jason Chaffetz and Elijah Cummings, the Chairman and Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee, respectively, have both confirmed that there is damning evidence that Flynn broke the law. However, the key here is where they differ.

The House Intelligence Committee has requested access to documents related to Flynn’s brief tenure at the White House. The Trump administration has denied any and all access to these documents. Chaffetz has said that there is no need to subpoena these documents because, in his words, the White House has been “cooperative” so far.

“Cooperative” how? By potentially obstructing justice when taking the position that an individual on a foreign government’s payroll who had access to a full range of national security documents.

Even by the standards of Chaffetz, whose past “investigative” work has already guaranteed him a first-ballot election to the Chutzpah Hall of Fame, this statement is completely outrageous.

If there’s evidence that Trump, or anyone else in his circle for that matter, knew about this arrangement, it means that they signed off on having a loyalist to a democracy suppressing dictator oversee American national security.

This is treason. We need to know who knew what about Michael Flynn’s background, his activities in the White House and his other business dealings and we need to know it now. The answers could uncover the spies in our midst.


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