Day 94: Stonewalled

As difficult as it can be to get good policy ideas through Congress, sometimes the stupid ones are just as much of a challenge.

This is the lesson Trump may learn this week as Congress careens toward another spending deadline for the government. Trump’s lackeys are pushing for a border wall with Mexico in an effort to create the image that Trump has accomplished something in his first 100 days in office. While he has accomplished some things, they have not been popular and haven’t always held up in court against constitutional principles. The Muslim Ban is a prime example.

But with dismal approval ratings and little appetite amongst legislators to take on yet another losing battle for Trump, the prospects for funding this awful concept are proving dim at best. Democrats are completely united against it and Republicans are lukewarm on the notion, with border state GOP representatives firmly against it.

Yet, for some reason, Trump wants to have a fight with his own party on this issue. The threat of a government shutdown is the elephant in the room with the elephants in the room. Politically, with unified GOP control of the government, Democrats wouldn’t take the blame for the shutdown. Republican leaders are acting like this is the scenario that would play out as well, and are trying to avoid a shutdown.

The whole notion that Mexico was going to pay for this wall is an obvious falsehood. Confronted with his own lie, Trump doubles down yet again. This didn’t work with health care and I don’t think it’s going to work here either.


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