Day 92: Earth Day

Today is one of my favorite commemorative days of the year, Earth Day, and it was celebrated in fantastic fashion.

Hundreds of thousands of people in hundreds of cities gathered at their local March for Science, where protestors took to the streets to demand sane climate and research policy from the Trump administration. They have good reason to be concerned.

Climate change denier and anti-Obama EPA crusader Scott Pruitt is now the head of the EPA under Trump. In addition to proposing a massive cutback of the EPA’s budget, Trump has repealed Obama-era regulations protecting drinking water. Trump also believes that climate change is a “hoax perpetrated by the Chinese.”

One of the biggest reasons that the Russian government might want Trump to be in office came up this week when ExxonMobil requested a waiver from Russian sanctions to move forward with a massive carbon-bomb of an oil pipeline. This not only goes to show you why Rex Tillerson behaved the way he did as ExxonMobil CEO but also that companies which cause climate change have no loyalty to anything except money, no integrity and could care less about our communities.

Many of our geopolitical conflicts have their roots in climate change and energy policy. Would we support Saudi Arabia were it not for our energy relationship with them? I doubt it. Where would Russia be if it couldn’t export oil and natural gas? We saw what happened in Venezuela…it could be similar.

Racial justice and the environment are also closely linked. Flint, Michigan is a prime example of a majority black city forced to live under horrific environmental conditions. Minorities in America are exposed to more pollution. Equality means that everyone can drink the same clean water and breath the same clean air.

It was encouraging to see so many stand up for science and the environment today. I hope this energy can help solve our climate and racial justice crises once and for all.


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