Day 89: Small Victories Now, Bigger Battles Ahead

Over the past day, The Resistance has gotten a taste of victory and seen the scope of the battles in front of us.

Bill O’Reilly is out at Fox News, after 21 years at the network and over $13 million dollars worth of settlements paid out to women he sexually harassed. He was a ratings juggernaut and his loss could be a big blow to Fox News, a right-wing propaganda outlet of misinformation, racism and sexism all rolled into one.

His ouster, much like the one that brought down Glenn Beck in 2011, was driven by an advertiser boycott. Many companies fled “The O’Reilly Factor” amid public enlightenment of O’Reilly’s lewd behavior. It shows us, yet again, that economic actions are one of the most effective forms of protest and that they can bring down even the mightiest of figures or oppressive schemas.

I hope this energy can transfer to the world of elections, where Tom Perez and the DNC are doing a not-so-great job of implementing the vaunted Tom Perez 50-state strategy. Races in Kansas and Georgia have not yet yielded wins. To be fair, a Democrat has not represented that seat in over 20 years and there is a runoff election in Georgia that Jon Ossoff still has a chance to win. But while Ossoff has received boatloads of funding from the Democratic Party arms, James Thompson received next to nothing from anyone at the national level, save some kind words and a visit to his district from Bernie Sanders. Thompson made it much closer than anyone expected. Some help would’ve been nice.

It would definitely also be nice in Montana, where Rob Quist is running an energized campaign against a challenger who has already lost statewide. Bernie is headed to Montana to campaign with Quist and I’m hoping that the national Democrats won’t take the same attitude that they did with Thompson.

Regardless of what other people do, don’t ever think that you don’t have the power to start your own organizing campaign, boycott or push for a political issue in your community or country. Indeed, doing so could mean a meaningful change in your life and the lives of others.


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