Day 87: Manafort’s New Gig

One might think that the repulsive smell of corruption and blood money surrounding Paul Manafort couldn’t get any worse. But when you’re that talented at being a shill for dictators, be prepared to be surprised.

The Financial Times is reporting that Manafort, currently under investigation by the FBI, is advising Chinese billionaire Yan Jiehe on how to win infrastructure projects with the Trump administration.

In addition to the obvious conflicts of interest involved, it’s yet another tremendously hypocritical move by individuals associated with Trump. The administration has already backtracked from some of its promises to label China a currency manipulator. Trump himself took to his favorite platform to ask and answer his own question on this issue.

It flies in the face of Trump’s union supporters desire to build these projects, a factor in their support of the Trump campaign. It’s sad that these individuals hadn’t done a little bit more research, where they would’ve discovered that the Trump Organization has sought a large number of visas for foreign workersroutinely stiffs small business owners and outsources large amounts of manufacturing work for its goods.

If an infrastructure project were to be sold out to foreign investors and workers, it would be the biggest scam in America since we gave over $700 billion dollars to a collection of financial services companies that were engaged in a massive foreclosure fraud. But given Trump’s track record, it wouldn’t be surprising.


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