Day 84: Put The Guns Down And Step Away From The Button

Tensions with North Korea have reached a boiling point and the implications are terrifying.

A Naval strike force is in position on the Korean peninsula, ready to respond to any number of situations currently playing out. There are few cool heads in this situation: Donald Trump and Kim-Jong Un are not rational actors. Both are tremendously volatile and will not back down or de-escalate their rhetoric. Both have limited checks on their abilities to execute military actions.

There is no concrete plan that the public knows about that would effectively deal with North Korea using military force. The DPKR military is large and has the capability to strike Seoul with devastating force. Air attacks against North Korea could result in artillery strikes against South Korea and Japan, the latter of which has warned that North Korea could utilize chemical weapons against the country.

Without a proper ground force, North Korea could also potentially overwhelm the DMZ with numbers. There are tens of thousands of American troops stationed in South Korea and Japan. Without a build up, they could potentially be in danger.

And say the worst case scenario played out, something I hope never happens. What happens during a conflict? It wouldn’t be good for our economy as instability in the region would likely affect the price of goods we import and export with Asian nations. Would China back the North Koreans with military force? Drawing the Chinese into this conflict would be a horrible nightmare.

What would happen post-conflict? Is there any plan for Korean reunification? Is there any plan for a U.S. military presence within the country? How much would it cost in terms of lives and dollars? Loose chemical weapons and nuclear materials could cause tremendous instability in the region and cause additional conflicts.

This tension is being pushed by two lunatics who are only capable of acting on impulse. Please call your representatives as soon as possible and tell them to not support any military action in the Korean Peninsula. Tell them to push for and sponsor legislation that would put a permanent check on executive military powers and require frequent psychological analysis of any individual with the power to launch nuclear weapons or conventional attacks.


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