Day 83: Manafort Meltdown

A pair of awful articles broke early and late yesterday for team Trump.

In the morning, following revelations that his consulting firm accepted millions of dollars, Manafort announced that he will be registering as a foreign agent. Think about the insane implications of that for a second: someone who is documented and admits to working for foreign governments was running a presidential campaign.

In the evening, the New York Times reported that Manafort, immediately after departing the Trump campaign, was loaned millions of dollars from businesses that were affiliated with Trump. These loans were backed by luxurious real estate assets owned by Manafort and his family. These loans also came about in light of failed real estate investments undertaken by Manafort and his family. These loans had connections to foreign investors who were also investors in Trump properties.

This doesn’t pass the smell test at all.

Manafort has long been associated with the worst elements of politics. He’s been on the payroll of race-baiters and dictators. He and long-time buddy Roger Stone ran a high profile lobbying firm for many years. He has had his hand in many dirty dealings over the years and his Russian connections certainly seem to make more sense given the context of the entire situation.

There are rumors buzzing on Twitter that big moves against his administration could be coming soon. I just hope that big military moves against North Korea are not coming soon. We’ve got a tremendously unstable person in charge of a dangerous array of weapons. It’s terrifying. But despite this fear, we must continue to resist this evil.


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