Day 81: A Jaw Dropping Day

Even by the Trump administration’s tremendously low expectations for itself, today was a jaw dropping day.

It started with a shocking report that the White House was struggling to put together the annual Easter Egg Roll, a massive event on the South Lawn. The commemorative eggs were ordered late, invitations to area schools were not sent out and the White House is severely understaffed in the First Lady’s office (likely because the First Lady has chosen not to live in Washington or participate in many administration activities). PBS, which Trump threatened with elimination and in the past has provided characters to the White House, was just reached out to last week about the event. I hope that they send the transgender bunny to give Mike Pence a big hug.

Not to be outdone, Eric Trump called nepotism “a beautiful thing” and let slip in an interview this morning that Ivanka Trump influenced Donald Trump’s decision to bomb Syria. To have an unpaid staff member that is a member of your family influencing life-and-death decisions about military operations, a family member with absolutely no foreign policy experience…I can’t even find the words…

Not to be outdone, Sean Spicer practiced a form of Holocaust denial during an official White House press conference…on Passover. Stating that “Hitler never used chemical weapons” and referring to concentration camps as “Holocaust Centers.” Spicer, who is supposed to be the most politically correct and press savvy person employed by the White House, spoke with the political correctness of Richard Spencer today. And honestly, who knows: maybe they were trying to curry favor with their modern day Klan supporters after seeing a negative reaction to the Syria airstrike, who categorically denied the attack took place, in the same way that other Trump supporters deny that Sandy Hook took place.

That denial is a familiar theme amongst Trump supporters. Negative news is fake and acts of violence perpetrated against minorities deserves a victimized response. Today, Trump stood with them, sprinkled on some nepotistic corruption and reminded us, as he does every day, that this administration is evil.


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