Day 80: The Silent Genocide Continues

As I was sitting down to write this post, a sickening yet all too familiar news flash came across my screen:

LA Times: Multiple People Injured In Shooting At Elementary School In San Bernardino

This is not notable for being yet another horrific mass shooting in a county that was witness to one of the worst in history. This isn’t noteworthy because it was yet another horrific mass shooting at an elementary school. This isn’t even noteworthy to most Americans because a mass shooting happens almost every single day and sometimes more than once a day.

The NRA owns part of this cycle of violence. Using fear tactics on their membership, they’ve been able to boost their revenues to the benefit of the gun industry and pro-gun members of Congress. It’s a sick business. American’s pay over $200 billion dollars for gun violence related expenses, whether it’s health care, funerals and prisoners.

And what do guns do for our society? Nothing, absolutely nothing. They don’t make us safer. We no longer need them for hunting for food. They enable horrific situations when it comes to domestic violence and senseless deaths are prevented in nation’s with strict gun control laws.

Other countries can push through this nonsense to enact sensible, strict measures that keep guns from proliferating. It is ridiculous that the United States cannot enact the same. This obstructionist paranoia kills tens of thousands of people every year and yet we say and do nothing, or worse yet, further spread this poison across our country.

True courage faces down a weapon armed with nothing more than the dream of peace and the will to organize to make it happen. I hope we, as a nation, can find this courage someday.


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