Day 78: A White House Reality Show

It turns out that Donald Trump really is running the White House like he runs his business: making a profit off of people fighting and deciding who stays and goes.

Multiple reports have indicated that a feud between Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon has gone up to eleven in intensity¬†(and possibly has roots in Bannon’s well documented anti-semitism).

It’s not a fight Bannon will win. Kushner is going nowhere, he’s a favorite son-in-law and folks with more power than Bannon have already lost that battle. And Kushner is in a good position to expand his influence: Trump has just spent the first 11 weeks of his presidency pushing Bannon’s racist agenda. It’s put his approval ratings in the tank, something¬†he attends to with obsession. His Muslim ban, his health care theft and his crackdown on immigration have all failed miserably.

Kushner represents more of a Bush Republican viewpoint: an extremist that can keep the worst of their tendencies in check when it comes to race and class, a war hawk who wants to rob the government for the rich and an elitist who despises the proletariat.

But it’s unclear how Jared could right this sinking ship. Because he can’t change Trump and Trump is the problem. Trump watches Fox and Friends rather than reading policy papers or attending intelligence briefings. Trump allows diplomatic crises to play out in public. Trump’s camp is in bed with the Russians.

Trump can fire as many people as he wants. Hell, he went through three campaign managers in a year. But it won’t fix the central issue. Only he can do that, and I don’t know if he has that capability.


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