Day 77: Fear And Decision Making

I didn’t sleep very well last night. In fact, I hardly slept at all.

What was keeping me up was the fact that the United States┬ásent tomahawk missiles into an airfield where Russian troops were stationed. The fact that the Trump team has indicated that this is only a single retaliatory strike leaves me with more questions than answers, the big one being “what happens now?”

I don’t know what happens now and that scares me. I don’t think Trump knows what to do next either and that scares me more. It keeps me up at night.

I remember feeling like this in 2003, the last time we waged a preemptive war. There never were WMDs in Iraq and we had no reason to go into that country. And yet, we did and the fear was nearly paralyzing. Paranoid thoughts entered my teenaged head: “What if there actually are WMDs? What if they’re capable of reaching the United States? What then?

This lesson is an incredibly important one now: fear cannot paralyze us.

It cannot rule our decision making. We cannot go along with whatever the government tells us in that time. We should not listen to news networks that only have military experts and political operatives on-air whenever a military action occurs and not neutral foreign policy experts.

Diplomacy works. Violence only begets more violence. In order to solve our issues we must start with discussion, not drones.


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