Day 76: Worrisome War Drums

On his best days, if such a thing exists with Trump, he gives me a feeling that he is a cloud with sunshine behind it, ready to be broken up by the heat of the resistance. On his worst days, life can feel dark, ominous and threatening.

I heard the rumbling of thunder today when Trump declared that “something should be done about Syria.” Not because something shouldn’t be done about the situation: it is horrific, a human rights travesty and an ongoing state-sponsored genocide. Something needs to be done to help Syria escape the horrors of Assad and this civil war.

But Trump is not the person to oversee such an action.

We’ve been down this road before, this pre-emptive war road. It was devastating to our troops, our economy, to the people of Iraq and accomplished nothing except the birth of ISIS. It left American weapons in their hands.

This isn’t even a stable situation we would be going into with Syria. It is a completely chaotic quagmire that has lots of complexity in terms of the dynamics and relationships of the different factions fighting each other. It could also provoke an even bigger confrontation with Russia and Iran in the region. Trump already has a terrible record when it comes to military decisions and there’s nothing to suggest that this decision would be any differently: meaning with thought.

The sick irony is that Trump thinks that Syrian refugees should stay in Syria during this war.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is also hurtling toward a confrontation with North Korea after ratcheting up the rhetoric against the Supreme Leader following a series of missile launches. A war with North Korea would be horrific. South Korea could be gravely damaged, especially in the Seoul area. Tens of thousands of American troops are stationed in the region. A refugee crisis could occur and there is no chance that Americans have the capacity to become an occupying force during a stabilization period.

I hate war. War as a concept is backwards. There should be no reason for us to kill each other or this planet. Diplomacy is a proven tool to a means of peace and democracy. Education and environmental protection can be the antidote to dictators, demagogues and a lack of due diligence within our own lives when it comes to civic engagement. By moving away from conflict causing fossil fuels and toward enlightenment, maybe one day we can break the cycle of violence in our world.


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