Day 73: The Price Of Privilege

It is truly amazing the price that white privilege will pay to protect itself.

A report in the New York Times detailed that Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has been responsible for $13 million dollars in settled sexual harassment lawsuits while a host at the network. This report does not even mention the fact that he reportedly dragged his ex-wife down a flight of stairs in front of their daughter and attempted to stalk his now ex-wife using the Nassau County Police.

Fox News also paid out $20 million to Gretchen Carlson who was sexually harassed by serial abuser Roger Ailes, the former Fox News guru. Ailes got his own exit package worth an astounding $40 million dollars in light of a bevy of sexual harassment allegations.

This is the network that spends much of its time promoting the persona of Donald Trump, himself facing a long list of sexual harassment allegations and is on the record as a proponent of such treatment of women. This is the network that defends police departments that pay out millions of dollars to settle lawsuits alleging misconduct and brutality.

Where is the outrage from Fox viewers? Where are the advertisers pulling their ads from the air on O’Reilly’s show? I can’t understand for the life of me why anyone would watch a news network that consistently deals in falsehoods, run by a confirmed pervert and owned by a man whose moral bar only goes about as high as hacking the phone of a child murder victim.

Ailes may be gone, but O’Reilly’s continued presence on the airwaves indicates that Fox, and the people who watch and advertise on the network, truly operate in their own fantasy world. And they’ll pay whatever amount of money it takes to stay there.


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