Day 71: The Rich Get Richer

Corruption sure does know how to take care of itself.

Fresh off of a skiing trip in Aspen, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner filed their White House financial disclosure forms, which shows that they’re not only worth a whopping $740 million dollars, but they’re profiting from Trump Hotels while occupying jobs in the White House.

This direct line from the Trump business empire to the White House means that there is no reasonable explanation that can explain how their presence in White House jobs is anything other than a massive conflict of interest.

Collectively, the filing disclosed that the net worth of over 100 White House officials is a staggering $12 billion dollars.

Among the highlights (or lowlights):

  • Kellyanne Conway is worth at least over $11 million dollars.
  • Steve Bannon received a steady stream of consulting fees from the Mercer family.
  • Some White House employees are participating in meetings with companies in which they hold stock.

The whole ordeal reeks of corruption. Kushner in particular seems to have his business holdings¬†immersed with some really sketchy characters, including (huge shocker…) individuals with ties to Vladimir Putin. Wilbur Ross, the billionaire Commerce Secretary for Trump, not only dealt with Russian oligarchs, but at the Bank of Cypress, oversaw a large amount of Trump’s debt.

Many of our national and international issues are debated in arenas with individuals who operate without a moral code. They are concerned with themselves and their bottom line before anything else.

If we are to retain a seat at the table when people make decisions which affect us, we must rise up as a society against corruption and greed.


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