Day 70: Flynn Flipped First

We’re at the 70 day mark and we’ve got a potential game changer on our hands.

The Wall Street Journal reported last night that Michael Flynn wants immunity in exchange for testifying about the ongoing investigation into his activities with Russian intelligence officials during the 2016 campaign.

Without any additional information, it’s huge on its face. Flynn wouldn’t even speak the words immunity without the government (very likely) having something on him that has him dead-to-rights.

My guess: It might not have to do with his activities with Putin, but perhaps the failure to register as a foreign agent while working for Turkish dictator Recep Erdogan at the same time he was working for Trump during the 2016 campaign and plotting an insane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” removal of an Erdogan foe from the United States might have something to do with it.

But digging deeper, something isn’t quite right with this offer of immunity. There aren’t any charges currently pending against anyone in the investigation and it doesn’t seem like the prosecution has been offered any evidence that might implicate someone higher than himself.

Oliver North, architect of the deal to sell weapons to Iran to fund a revolution by the Contras in Nicaragua, was found guilty and sentenced to a suspended jail term, but had his conviction and sentence vacated┬áby immunized testimony he gave to Congress. Flynn might be shopping for a Congressional committee to provide him with the same type of cover. Thus far, everyone has said no, but there is a certain someone who might be interested in just this type of deal. Devin Nunes has shown himself to be a willing pawn of the administration and I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to cover for them yet again.

I hope prosecutors ensure that the information he will be divulging will be of value to the investigation (if he even gets such a deal). If not, there’s no reason not to prosecute, whatever the charges may be.


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