Day 69: No Half Measures

Late last night in North Carolina, a compromise bill (HB142) was introduced to repeal HB2, the destructive law that discriminates against transgender individuals.

The only thing being compromised in this situation are the rights of transgender individuals,  the integrity of the Democratic Party and the ability of local municipalities to fight this state sponsored discrimination.

The implications of HB142 are dire. It would ban cities from passing trans-inclusive policies regarding public accommodation or private-employment until 2020. With a Republican supermajority, that already absurd ban could be extended indefinitely. It would require a change in this law in the General Assembly to allow schools to enact policies that give trans individuals a bathroom to use. Most dire of all is that the Governor of North Carolina, a Democrat, was negotiating on one side of this compromise two days before a lengthy ban on competition hosting would’ve been enacted by the NCAA.¬†Ironically, the NCAA is also a disgusting organization, but at least the group gets boycotts somewhat right.

Politically, why would Cooper want to take responsibility for this mess? He could live up to the platform he ran on and demand a clean repeal of HB2 and not compromise and he still wouldn’t be blamed for any of the economic havoc that the bill has caused the state.

With that said, “politics” should be completely forgotten when it comes to this bill or any other bill that seeks to restrict individuals from true equality because of their race, religion, creed or gender identity. There should only be one goal when it comes to giving individuals equal access to economic opportunity, the right to vote and the right to a good education.

There can be no compromise when it comes to this bill. The LGBT community has come too far and suffered too much to be held back by ignorant, bigoted people and policies any longer. I know the fight will continue in the courts and in governing bodies around the country.

As people, we must come forward to ensure that we are all respected, no matter who we are or what we believe. Let the boycott of North Carolina continue until there is a clean repeal and full protections and accommodations in law for the LGBT community.


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