Day 68: Supporting Causes And People Of Color

One of the things I try and do on this blog is promote causes and people of color that are doing great things. So, let me take a full blog post to highlight a few folks:

Noir Reads is a monthly book delivery subscription service that connects people to black authors with a wide variety of perspectives. The business aims to educate and inform people about great black authors. Recently, Anaya Lee Willabus (a young black women) broke a record for being the youngest person ever published for a chapter book by a major publisher. Her book The Day Mohan Found His Confidence is available for purchase now.

Z Berry is the first black owned frozen yogurt shop in Chicago.

The Radical Monarchs are a group of “girl scouts” that can earn badges by standing up for racial justice and educating themselves and their community on the benefits of true unity and equality. Inspired by the Black Panthers and based in Oakland, California, there are chapters all around the country.

The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is a wonderful place in Kansas City, Missouri where you can learn about the influence of black people in the early stages of baseball as a game, as well as the incredible fight against segregation that these players had to go through before a player like Jackie Robinson would be accepted in the major leagues.

Black Lives Matter does amazing work protesting all modern day injustices and especially when it comes to racial inequality in our justice system.

Howard University is one of the most prominent HBCUs and offers an amazing education.

There are many black owned banks and credit unions in the U.S. where you can keep your money.

Together we can fix systemic injustices in our society.


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