Day 67: There Is Nothing Poorer Than Hate

Amongst white people, poverty and racism have a correlation. The reality is racism is everywhere in America, in all walks of life, but it has a history in this country of being a prominent feature of white, impoverished communities. It for this reason, it is important to prioritize the victims of both racism and poverty by fighting against these injustices and practicing true activism when it comes to taking action steps to spur change in our communities.

Indeed, with proper organizing, discrimination can pay a high price in America today. In North Carolina, members of the LGBT community face state-sponsored discrimination with HB2, a bill that dictates where transgender individuals can use the bathroom. Since that bill was signed into law, it has cost the state over $3 billion dollars in revenue with countless sporting events, concerts and businesses pulling out of North Carolina.

Mississippi flys the stars and bars on its flag, one of six states that incorporates Confederate themes into state flags. It’s the only state that still explicitly displays the Confederate flag however and also the state that leads the nation in poverty rate according to the census.

I could go on with these sad examples of our society, but I’d like to turn to the positive opportunity we have to remedy them with progressive policies.

Ensuring equal access to health care, long a part of the systemic racism that has plagued minorities in this country, would save us $5 trillion dollars and countless lives.

Opening our borders to welcome immigrants from other countries would strengthen our economy and make us safer as a country. Perpetuating xenophobia elevates national security risks and lets extremists use our rhetoric against us.

Fighting climate change could be a boon to our long-term economy and create a sustainable, durable job market, even in the face of the challenges of 21st century work.

It’s a business concept Trump doesn’t understand. After all, he made his career as a discriminator, contractor stiffer and mobster associate. Someone who exploits others can’t understand the benefits of uniting people.


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