Day 64: Did Flynn Flip?

Another huge twist in the Trump-Russia controversy might have landed with the weight of a feather.

According to Juliette Kayyem of CNN and Boston Public Radio, Michael Flynn might have flipped on Trump and may be working with the FBI as a cooperating witness. He will not testify in front of the House Intelligence Committee with Paul Manafort, Carter Page and Roger Stone.

I hate to source an unverified (and potentially unverifiable) Twitter account of some (allegedly) pissed off White House staffers, but they’ve been correct and out in front of issues before (such as the Sessions recusal) and they’re stating that Trump is attempting to cut off the integrity of the FBI’s investigation into him and that the Flynn rumors are…well…rumors.

Ugh. So many questions, not enough answers.

Let’s start with the speculative one: what could/does Flynn have on Trump? This could be any number of things, the most likely (again, speculation) seems to be connections to the Russian intelligence agents that hacked into the DNC and John Podesta’s personal email. Flynn got close to Putin and that probably doesn’t happen without some serious vetting or unless Putin needs something from you. In the latter case, Putin needed Flynn’s connection to Trump to get revenge on Clinton for…exposing his state-sponsored doping program?

What does Flynn have to lose? Probably not much considering he may be facing charges for violating extradition rules with a crazy 007 style plot to extradite an enemy of Turkish dictator Recep Erdogan or failing to register as a foreign agent.

If Flynn flipped, it would blow the investigation wide open. We would get a full look behind the scenes of what happened in Trumpland and why it happened. It would throw the Trump team completely off-kilter.

The tension is thick here in DC. Hopefully we will know more soon.


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