Day 63: A Bitter Pill To Swallow

There was so much hype, and hope (on the Republican side of things) for this Congress.

Finally, the tactics devised by Mitch McConnell so long ago have paid off. The GOP has all three branches of government. They can enact their agenda as they see fit and that’s going to start with repealing Obamacare.

Yeah…that’s not exactly what happened.

Turns out, not only is health care complicated, the Republican Congress is devoid of any good ideas on how to change it for the better. Their proposal was to make Americans’ lives worse. When you try and take people’s health insurance away, they usually hate it and this time was no exception.

Trump made little to no effort to involve himself in the passage of this bill, only jumping in at the last minute in a desperate attempt to save the bill. Indeed, they rejected the proposed legislation at first.

It was a total mess.

Lots of Republican Congresspeople came out against it for a variety of reasons. Not punishing enough. Too generous toward Planned Parenthood. Goes too far (also known as the “I’ve got a tough midterm election coming up” excuse). It was a win for truth, justice and Americans who need affordable health insurance.

We can’t be satisfied stopping here.

The reality is that there are still millions of Americans without health care, millions of Americans with unaffordable insurance and poor coverage. There are still pharmaceutical companies ripping off Americans and the American government for the cost of prescription drugs. There are still not enough regulations on the aforementioned insurance and Pharma companies.

That is why we need universal single-payer health care. The fact that we don’t have this as a country by now is shameful.

We must continue to press forward in our quest for such coverage. It will be extremely hard work, but just like the ACA, the results will be life changing.


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