Day 59: Russian Ruse Revealed

Today was a total train wreck for team Trump.

Their spin on the situation regarding Russia came to a grinding halt today after FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Michael Rogers testified before the House Intelligence Committee. Under oath, they stated that:

  • The Trump claim that Trump tower was wiretapped by the Obama administration had zero evidence to back it up.
  • The Trump team is under investigation for possibly colluding with Russian government officials to run a propaganda campaign to influence the 2016 election.
  • The investigation is extremely sensitive and this information is only coming to public light due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding this particular series of incidents.

Somehow, Americans may not be treating Russian election interference with the gravity that (I personally feel) it deserves. But it could compound Trump’s worries as his approval ratings continue to nosedive (in some polls, they’re below 40 percent) and today will not help them go up.

It will also not help motivate anybody to push Trump’s garbage agenda through Congress. His health care bill is unpopular and cruel, his immigration tactics are unpopular and inhumane¬†and he’s shown no inclination to get out of the tailspin he’s currently in.

Ironically, it’s those closest to him that have led him to this point. Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and other white supremacists in Trump’s administration and the Republican Party have pushed their racist policies hard in the first 60 days of the administration. Craven party figures like Mike Pence and Reince Priebus have stood aside and let it happen.

People could be forced into poverty, lose their health insurance or die because of this administration’s policies. But they’ll continue to push them and push the depths of their unpopularity.


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