Day 56: War Is Not The Answer

Rex Tillerson decided today was a great day to break some eggshells.

On a visit to Asia this morning, he ruled out negotiations with North Korea and indicated that pre-emptive strikes on the DPKR were an option on the table.

This could be such a disaster.

There seemed to be absolutely no consideration of the fact that North Korea could cause significant damage to Seoul, with approximately 25 million people living in the metro area. The American public doesn’t know much about the actual war capabilities of the North Koreans, but a basic stock taking exercise indicates that Kim Jong Un has over 1 million troops, over 500 aircraft and over 3,000 tanks at his disposal.

There seemed to be no calculation of the cost of such a conflict. We’ve been down this pre-emptive road before and it ended in a disaster that enabled a psychopathic terrorist coalition to grab power at a continued cost of human life and taxpayer money. To be clear, the alternative (Saddam Hussein) was NOT better, but he was not a threat to our national security. How much would it cost us? Trillions? How many people would needlessly die? Again, there is no evidence at this current moment that North Korea is a threat to our national security, despite their potential for causing instability in the region.

There seemed to be no plan behind this declaration of an end to diplomacy. What’s the next step? Where do allies and other interested parties in the region factor in? Trump has zero clue about key foreign policy concepts and zero interest in learning about them.

Americans elected someone who had no idea what they were doing in 2000. The result of that was two wars and a crashed economy in Bush’s eight years in office. I hope we’re not headed down a similar path with Trump. Yet, Trump insists on taking us down this road, filled with bills that are dangerous to our health and budgets that are unspeakably cruel.

No wonder his idol is a man who committed a horrific genocide against minorities.


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