Day 52: Preetdictable Bharara Dhramah

A cover up conspiracy anyone?

The Trump administration abruptly asked 46 U.S. attorney’s to resign last week without explanation. One of the attorney’s who was asked to resign is Preet Bharara, an excellent anti-corruption maven, who is unafraid to try to do the right thing, regardless of the political circumstances.

Staring the totally corrupt regime in the face, Bharara didn’t back down and refused to resign. The Justice Department fired him, after Trump, in a seemingly bizarre move, personally attempted to make contact with Bharara.

Rep. Elijah Cummings added new intrigue to the situation by suggesting (though not confirming) that Bharara might have been actively working on an investigation relating to Trump, Trump Tower, Trump-Russia or some other Trump related organization. Replacing him might be none other than Roger Ailes’ personal lawyer.

This is a microcosm of how the Trump administration has operated in its first 50 days in office. Good people in previous high ranking positions are replaced, sometimes because they disagree with unconstitutional or illegal actions taken by Trump, with industry lifers, fact-deniers and people who don’t have a clue about the basic operations of their departments. They’re all wealthy and almost all are white men.

It’s a shame that Trump’s supporters can’t see this trick for what it is: a conscious effort to dismantle government and sell it out to the wealthy. It’s even more unfortunate that they’ll be hurt the most by the policies of Trump.


One thought on “Day 52: Preetdictable Bharara Dhramah

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