Day 51: In Case You Had Any Doubt…

…About the Republican Party’s feelings about people of color, a reminder resurfaced today in the form of super bigot Rep. Steve King.

In response to a Turkish diplomat being blocked from entering the Netherlands, which sparked riot level protests in Rotterdam, Steve King tweeted out support for anti-Islamic crusader Geert Wilders in the most white supremacist way possible. The tweet was soon endorsed by none other than David Duke himself.

The backlash from the GOP? Well…as you might have guessed…there hasn’t been much noise

It’s not like they’re not trying to pander to his base either. Sen. Rand Paul, who loves to portray himself as someone who reaches (awkwardly) across cultural barriers, was hanging out with Steve King when he complimented the English of two DREAMer immigration activists and asked if they were drug smugglers. Mitt Romney, who expressed moral outrage at the candidacy of Donald Trump, was happy to endorse Steve King for re-election in 2012, just a few months after King compared immigrants to animals.

Indeed, everyone from Chris Christie to Ted Cruz to Scott Walker have made the most of their time with Steve King.

Politicians are very opportunistic. There’s only one reason that any individual would want to be associated with this guy: he’s got his finger on the pulse of a part of the Republican Party’s current base.

Racist smeer tactics have a long history in recent Republican times. The recent election of Trump likely means that the overtly anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant tone is the future of the party.


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