Day 50: Goals

Forgive me, this post is a little bit more personal than some of my other ones.

I’m sitting in my home office after reading this very clear, concise and sobering thread about what is happening in our country today. With my daughter’s arrival about one month away, I’m thinking more and more every day about what type of world she’ll enter.

It’s a world facing many challenges, but it has the potential to solve them and show once again the might of the human mind and spirit.

It’s going to take all of us making an extra effort to solve the crisis embodied by the election of Trump: climate change denial, longstanding institutional racism, absurd income inequality and oligarchic corruption.

So I’m setting myself a goal.

In addition to writing every day, I’m challenging myself to undertake one direct action political activity per week. These activities include knocking on doors, attending protests and speaking at public meetings about community issues.

I hope to blog about these adventures in the coming weeks and months and refocus the blog to cover not just morally and legally corrupt activities within the Trump administration, but also individuals and movements that are fighting for progress. I’m even more excited to introduce┬ámy daughter to civics and helping her learn how she can make a difference at a young age.

It’s been a blast to do this so far. Can’t wait to take this blog in an exciting new direction.


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