Day 49: Sparks

We’ve got a bush fire when it comes to the Trump administration’s relationship’s with foreign governments and Russian hackers that work with Russian intelligence.

Michael Flynn failed to register as a foreign agent while he received over half a million dollars lobbying for the authoritarian Turkish government. At the same time, not only was he an active surrogate for Donald Trump, but he had access to the confidential information  that was a part of Trump’s secret briefings and the Trump team knew that he was working for a foreign government prior to his appointment as the National Security Advisor.

Meanwhile, Trump advisor Roger Stone not only has acknowledged he had a back channel with Julian Assange, who was utilized by Russian intelligence to carry out their propaganda campaign against Hillary Clinton, but also admitted today that he was communicating with “Guccifer 2.0” a front for Russian government hacking operations carried out against the DNC. This makes sense, seeing as Stone seemed to have an uncanny nose for when trucks were about to hit the Clinton campaign.

Trump surrogate Sheriff David Clarke has met with officials that were sanctioned by the United States for the Crimea situation on a trip that was funded with Russian money. And Jeff Sessions may still not be revealing the full extent of his contact with the Russian government.

Even Fox News personalities like Shepard Smith are sick of all the bullshit.

Hopefully the various investigations will lend some clarity to the situation and tell us who is responsible for this disgusting level of treason and corruption.


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